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Yesterday was ok until...

I ate fried chicken from the deli, finished closing, got home and threw up. Sick doesn't even cover it. And I'm never eating any of that food again, it's not the first time I've been sick on wm food, but it's definitely the last! Even now I'm not feeling too well. And tomorrow I will be telling them that our food made me sick.

And it's too hot. 100+ degrees is just too much. There is a chance of rain tomorrow... But every time they say that, it goes north and south of us.

Makes me want to move to the west coast -- Oregon or Washington. At least they're cooler.

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Guess I've been lucky. No food poisoning.

As for heat... I'm in St Louis. Forecast for today is 108F!!! No rain in sight so I feel for you.

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Our high today was 104. And we're thinking not so much food poisoning as much as the fact that I don't cook with veg oil anymore. Just with olive oil. So, no tolerance. But still. Ick.
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Himself bought tuna salad from the local wm. We got it home and I smelled it, still in the bag. I made him take it right back. It smelled like a garbage truck. How he couldn't smell it, I don't know. (I really think his nose is broken. *g*) I never eat from the local wm deli. Ugh!

Sorry you're sick.

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I won't buy anything out of the deli case. One of the assoc. had me taste some pot salad and it was bad! So no more of that.