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I have been quiet...

Because real life just has been totally sucky to the extreme.


Between family dying, my father "gearing down" (yes, the doctor actually said that, he's 87 and sleeps the majority of his time, but is still well otherwise), my son is still trying to get back into the Army Reserve from the Guard, my daughter is getting out of the Marines and going back to school (hopefully with more determination than the first time she went) and work is absolutely friggin' horrible.


This week Tuesday, I am on vacation for 9 wonderful days and the daughter is home on leave, we're going to WI for my nephew's graduation, most of the family will be there and we are going to actually sight-see on our way up and back! (Cave of the Mounds and House on the Rocks!)

So, with some solid sleep and downtime from the horribleness that is wm, hopefully I will be back on track and be more 'present'.

At least that's my goal.
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Have fun and totally enjoy yourself. ^_^

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I hope you enjoy your vacation. It sounds like you need a break right now. *huggles*