Nov. 28th, 2012


Nov. 28th, 2012 09:35 pm
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So last week the daughter and I went out and bought stuff for the 2 kids we picked off the Angel tree in Avon. She picked the kids and what they wanted, I wouldn't have picked boots or a coat but we got cute stuff at Penney's. We also took it back to the bank the same day, kind of a tradition. And I always buy more than just what's on the ornament, and include a toy/game and a Christmas ornament.

Then today she asks: when does the Angel tree end? I looked it up in our little paper and said that we have to have everything turned in by Dec. 12. Why, do you want to pick more?

So, today we ended up in Macomb buying for two little ones. I have to say it was maybe more fun (pants and shirt) because the boy was 6 months so we got an educational toy that's fun and the girl got Mega blocks because we couldn't find anything that we really wanted to give a 4 yr old girl.

Not sure when I raised a socially aware daughter, but it's kind of nice.

And when we got home, there were packages for both of us... presents and curtains in mine, long sleeve shirts for her. Really, I'm almost done with my stuff, just need one or two items for Mary's kids and something else for the husband. Then I'm done.

'Course, then I'll start squirreling away stuff for next year...


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