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rogue53 ([personal profile] rogue53) wrote2016-12-26 03:32 pm

So, this is a thing.

Got onto here and found.... that's it's been a forever time ago that I have posted. And sadly, I remember when this was a thing, and there were lots of posts and everyone commented and....

Not so much, anymore.

I read all of Sunhawk's posts (yes, each day until the Christmas one, and then I didn't think about it until today) and she is in just as good of form as always. She is as entertaining and still writes some of the best dialog fics that I have ever read.

The I read the Christmas post. 'le sigh'

I am a SAD person. I have been a SAD person. I know better than to read some things during this time of year. On the other hand, it's Sunhawk and Christmas and... there was a lot of dust in my house, made my eyes all watery. But still really well done.

So, anyway, this is my Christmas time post, I'm no longer working at the old job site (praise Thor!) and so now (at the moment) I'm being paid to sit at home, well, clean up my home and run around after the daughter. After the first of the year? Who knows.

Hope everyone has had a nice Christmas or whatever you celebrate and that the season sees everyone healthy, if not wealthy and wise!

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