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rogue53 ([personal profile] rogue53) wrote2013-09-04 10:06 pm
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Crap and more crap

Which really isn't the truth.

In July, we went up to see my folks and it was nice, but I could tell that my dad was not doing as well as he had been at the nephew's graduation the year before. Aug rolls around, more family visit them and then he starts falling. At some point he tore the cartilage around some of his ribs and yes, this is not going to end well.

He caught pneumonia, went into the hospital, then to hospice, and died a week ago last Mon. We were on our way back (had been there when he was in the hospital and then to hospice), but...

So, he's better off, but the rest of us are still kind of limping along.

And as I said to my sister-in-law, this is the fourth death in three years. I am done with it. No more for a long time. Really.

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