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rogue53 ([personal profile] rogue53) wrote2013-06-23 08:19 pm

All sorts of things

Today was day 4 of 6. Two more days until vacation and I'm going to want to collapse instead of get ready to go up and see my parents. Stupid work.

I have a question: does anyone know what happened to Ashkara and Christy who were writing Changing Allegiance? Because it was a really well done fic and it's such a shame that it hasn't been update in quite a long time. And yes, I know, the whole rl issue (looks at own stuff that hasn't been touched in AGES) but it would be nice to know something.

I really should be doing housework/laundry/dishes/something! But, I'm gong to goof off tonight, I don't work until 2 tomorrow so I can get things done in the morning.

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