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rogue53 ([personal profile] rogue53) wrote2013-04-13 07:57 pm
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Birthday week!

Started out all right, Wednesday was the 3Cellos at the Orpheum (they were FABULOUS!!!!), and then it was my bd and I got a crock for the kitchen and Amazon money and then today we went out for dinner. I ate too much but the tilapia was wonderful and there is enough leftovers for lunch.

For a 60th bd, it was fine. Everyone at work (who isn't 60) were surprised that we weren't doing more things or having a big party or whatever.

Of course, I'm the 3rd person in the deli to turn 60, and there is one more and then one in the bakery. Says something that there are so many older workers, most of us working full time. At least I'm mostly getting Sat. off so that I'm not exhausted all the time.

Now, if I could just get my knee fixed...